Wildlife of Thailand: Focus on Khao Sok National Park

A great variety of the Wildlife of Thailand is easy to find in Khao Sok National Park. This post is just a quick overview of what you could see on a trip to the park.

For the Bird Lover:

Khao Sok Park may be home to more bird species than any park of similar size in Asia. Why? There are over 200 species of birds in the park, including numerous varieties of hornbill, stork, falcon, and several types of birds. Bird lovers will find many photo opportunities.

Reptiles and Amphibians:

If you or the kids love reptiles and amphibians, there are plenty of them in the Park. Of course you can see plenty of turtles near the water. There are water monitors, one of the world’s largest lizards, are just the most obvious of many lizard species in the area. Snakes are common and you might even see a cobra.

It shouldn’t need saying, but never attempt to catch or chase any wildlife in the park.

For the Large Mammal Lover:

A tour of the park is almost certain to include some sightings of tapirs or wild boars. There are otters and badgers too. The park is also home to elephants, which you might be able to observe at a safe distance from a vehicle. Tigers sometimes make an appearance, but hopefully you won’t see one up close.

You can almost count on seeing monkeys. There are several species living in the park’s 739 square kilometers.

In short, whether you are a casual wildlife lover or love wildlife photography, Khao Sok offers plenty of opportunities to observe exotic Thai wildlife. To learn more about our tours and services contact us.

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