Why Elephants in Thailand Are So Meaningful

Elephants are animals that are known for their strength and power. In Asian cultures, the elephant symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and endurance. People of Asian cultures also cherish the animal’s intelligence and memory. The elephant is also used as a political symbol. Elephants in Thailand have been an important figure in their culture for centuries. The Thai elephant is the official national symbol of Thailand.

Thai elephants are slightly more unique than other types of Indian elephants. They are significantly smaller, have a more bulky body, and their front legs are slightly shorter. These elephants are herbivores. They stick to a diet composed of tree bark, leaves, bamboo, and bananas.

Elephants in Thailand live near tropical forests in order to have easy access to their food source. These tropical forests are found in the northern and western parts of Thailand. Thai elephants are on the endangered species list due to their habitat’s destruction. In 1989, Thailand’s government outlawed logging in sheltered areas. Many Thai elephants worked for these logging companies, but once it became a banned practice, these elephants then started working for tourist companies. Now elephants are a huge part of Thailand’s tourism attraction. Tourist can hand feed elephants, watch them perform tricks, and even ride them. For an opportunity to interact with Thailand’s elephants, contact us for more information.

Thai elephants have a very strong relationship with the natives. For thousands of years, natives trained Thai elephants to aid in transportation. When it was still legal, they would help aid in hard labor such as logging. Back during the days of Alexander the Great, these elephants became a useful source during wars. Each elephant would be individually trained with pricked spear on their skin in order to help aid them to move forward during wars.

Thai elephants have a huge cultural significance on the country. People would write books about elephants, have paintings drawn of them, and they even made their official provincial seals elephants. Elephants are so culturally important to Thailand that their national flag was of an elephant. Elephants represent wealth, power, and strength to Thai people, and this is why they are held to such a high cultural esteem.

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