Meet the team, your guides in Khao Sok


Aoo General Manager/Licenced Guide

The founder of Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours is the ultimate jack-of-all-trades. On any given day, he can be seen driving a boat, working in the office, meeting and greeting guests, repairing equipment or leading a trek through the jungle! Aoo is a true native of the Khao Sok/Chieow Laan Lake area, having been born in the valley that would later become Chieow Laan Lake. Before founding Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours, Aoo ran a successful resort at Khao Sok and was also a ranger in the National Park for many years. This man knows Khao Sok and Chieow Laan Lake like the back of his hand!


Yu Licenced Guide

Yu has jungle guiding in his blood! From an early age, Yu accompanied his father (also a renowned Khao Sok guide) into the rainforest in search of wild and wonderful creatures. A native of Khao Sok, Yu has been guiding at Khao Sok and Chieow Laan Lake for over 15 years. His superb command of English, coupled with his extraordinary knowledge of the Khao Sok Rainforest make him a treasured part of our team.


Toi Licenced Guide

Toi has lived at Khao Sok for over 15 years and has worked in tourism for the duration, first at resorts and then as a licenced guide. Toi has been part of our team for many years and you’ll find his cheeky sense of humour and knowledge of flora & fauna a great combination. Like all of our guides, he has an eagle eye when it comes to finding wildlife and can spot a ‘hidden’ monkey or hornbill the rest of us would fail to see even with binoculars!


Lek Licenced Guide

The newest member of our team and one of our oldest friends! Lek has a superb history at Khao Sok, having worked for many years as a National Park Ranger in the remote regions of Khao Sok/Chieow Laan Lake, protecting wildlife and native orchids from would-be poachers. Lek has a laid back style and easygoing nature. Be it along a jungle trail or from a longtail boat, Lek is consistently able to find hidden wildlife treasures in the rainforest. When not guiding, Lek can be found running his successful ‘Jumanji Bar’ at Khao Sok.


Lek Boat Driver

Another Lek! This one has been driving boats for us for over 7 years. Lek is a fun and friendly member of our team, with great mechanical skills (handy!). He also has an eagle eye for spotting birdlife and monkeys from a great distance. Nicknamed ‘Jack Sparrow’ by several of our guests, he’s had to revert to his original name after cutting off his long tresses!


Palm Boat Driver

Palm’s been driving boats with Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours for several years. He’s got boundless energy and great enthusiasm and like most of our team, is really wonderful at finding elusive animals in the jungle.