Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours Responsible Travel Statement

Office based initiatives employed by Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours include:

  • paper recycling and reusing
  • printer cartridge recycling
  • minimal use of printed brochures and other printed material
  • pre-trip information sent to clients is sent via email in downloadable format to further reduce paper waste

Our clients are given a pre-trip document which, amongst other points, outlines ways travellers can reduce negative impact on the environment in Thailand, and in particular, at Khao Sok National Park, where we operate our tours. Such guidelines include reducing water usage, minimising damage to flora and fauna in the National Park and respecting the environment in general.

All of our trips go into Khao Sok National Park and/or Chieow Laan Lake giving our clients a chance to view first hand an ancient rainforest and some of the flora and fauna present within it. In addition, when visiting the lake, travellers have the opportunity to meet the park rangers who take care of the area and who reside at the floating rafthouses where our clients either visit or stay overnight. During these trips our guides inform travellers about the impact of poaching of wildlife and flora within the park and how the park rangers attempt to minimise this type of activity.

Our clients are also encouraged to take time to visit Khao Sok National Park headquarters and visitors centre, where they can see the extent of environmental protection work carried out by the National Park, as well as gain valuable insight into the types of flora and fauna the park rangers work to protect in the park.

Economic Responsibility

Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours only utilise the services of local, licenced guides who have worked in the Khao Sok and Chieow Laan Lake area for several years. In addition, several of our guides have previously worked in the Khao Sok National Park as park rangers.

The accommodation we choose for our guests, both at Khao Sok and Chieow Laan Lake, are operated by local people or National Parks Thailand, who likewise employ local people to work at their venues. Many of the other resorts recommended on our website are likewise locally owner and operated, actively employing local people.

In an further effort to create jobs and bring money into the local communities we visit, Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours utilise the services of operators who source their food and other equipment from local businesses whenever possible.

Social Responsibility

Our clients are given a pre-trip document which, amongst other points, provides information on the social and political situation in Khao Sok National Park, where we operate our tours. In addition, we offer suggestions in this document as to how travellers can reduce the negative impact tourism has on local cultures.

As previously mentioned, Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours employs only licenced, local guides to accompany our clients into the areas we visit. In this manner we endeavour to support the local communities we visit.

Our tours are designed for individual travellers, families or small groups travelling together. We do not offer large group travel. This provides for more intimate and direct interaction between the traveller and the local guides and people in the communities we visit and avoids ‘over-running’ the destinations we visit.

Our clients are also encouraged to take time to visit Khao Sok’s local Buddhist temple, where the current abbot is often available to chat with travellers about the local community, the role of the temple and monks as part of that community and to show people around the temple complex. If they wish, visitors can make a small donation to assist in the running of the temple, however this is not expected and is up to the individual discretion of each person visiting.


This Responsible Travel statement is distributed to all employees of Limestone Lake Rainforest Tours as well as our local operators.

Each of our clients is encouraged to provide feedback to us regarding their experiences on our tours. All feedback received, both positive and negative is responded to by our sales and administration staff after appropriate conference between all relevant staff, guides and operators.