Animals of Thailand: Learn About the Cuckoos

Khao Sok National Park is a majestic evergreen rainforest that draws thousands of visitors every year.

They come to see the incredible animals of Thailand, which include cuckoos that soar through the air or rest on leafy branches. Some of those you may spot include:

Asian Emerald Cuckoo

Appropriately named, these birds are a vibrant emerald green with a metallic bronze barring on their underparts and a black-tipped yellow bill. Asian Emerald Cuckoos make their homes in subtropical or tropical moist montane forests and subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests where they feast on bugs. They make a “chweek” call or loud whistled twitters.

Banded Bay Cuckoo

Banded Bay Cuckoos have round nostrils and adults are a bright bay color on their head and back. They live in well wooded areas, typically in lower hills where males sing from tree branches during mating season. Insects are the main part of their diet, and they tend to catch them during flight.

Himalayan Cuckoo

Formerly known as Oriental Cuckoos, the males have a gray head, breast, and upperparts, while females are identified by their brownish colored breast. Himalayan cuckoos dine on caterpillars and other insects. Though they also enjoy an occasional taste of fruit. Males make a hoop, hoop, hoop call, and females sing a quick-quick-quick tune.

If you would like to plan an amazing trip to Khao Sok National Park, please contact us. We have several tour options from which to choose, and it will be a vacation you won’t soon forget.

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